The Great Cupcake Hunt

The Cupcake Craze...Last summer my friends and I wanted to go on a cupcake crawl, fantastic idea but it didn't pan out. I heart cupcakes and could eat them all day long, so I'm always excited to find new places. So the hubs (thankfully he's a cupcake-aholic, like me) and I have made our way to several of the cities touted 'best' cupcake joints. We've hit up More, Molly's, Sweet Mandy B's, and Phoebe's. (We even made a pit stop at Magnolia's in NYC when we were there last winter). And I have to say for me the deciding factor in ultimate cupcake greatness, is the cake itself. After all these, including Magnolia's, the best cupcakes we've ever had are at Sweet Mandy B's. They're Ah-mah-zinG!!! I get that not everyone loves the butter cream frosting, (I actually never eat frosting... I know let's pretend like I didn't say that) but just a lil’ of their frosting goes a long way, and their cupcakes are always, always moist and delish! Every time we make cupcakes at home we always bake them with a bowl of water under the rack, just to lock in some extra moisture. Ugh now all I want is a cupcake. Enjoy!

Still on our list of cupcake places are: Swirlz's, the Cupcake Counter, Alliance Bakery, Dinkel's, and The Bent Fork. Let me know if there are other fabulous places to add to our list :)

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