Chalkboard Walls

When we bought our condo the only room we did not paint was the kitchen.  And now the tuscan red, as I like to call it, is starting to look a little out of place.  That being said, we are contemplating adding a backsplash and haven't really decided on specifics, but we still wanted to do something with the space.  The compromise, chalkboard paint!  I adore the concept of chalkboard paint and would paint most surfaces with it if I could (menus, to do lists, grocery lists, endless possibilities).  The husband not as in love with the idea, so we opted to try one wall.  Here's our inspiration
{photo credits: top: StyleSisters, LoveMyEarth; bottom: PotteryBarn,BSpoke}

I love the chalkboard frame from BSpoke, a little DIY project she did for just $15, and it looks fabulous.  For those of you who are commitment phobes- chalkboard stickers come in all shapes and sizes, and they're removable and reusable!   This one is my favorite :)

Not a big fan of chalk dust everywhere, fear not, there's such a thing as chalk markers.  They are made with real chalk and can be easily wiped away.  The best part clean lines!  What have you painted with chalkboard paint?

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