St. Patty's Day Brunch

I’m a firm believer in everyone’s has a little Irish in them. This year we’re starting the St. Patty’s Day festivities early with a green themed brunch before we head out. On the menu: Green eggs and ham, drunken cupcakes, shamrock cookies, and beer batter waffles. Cap it all off with an Irish Car Bomb, Mimosa, and or Green beer and you might never make it out to the bars.

{photo credits: top left: FoodMayhem, top right: TheCakeBlog, middle left: LookiLoos, middle right: Nook&Pantry, bottom left: SeriousSeats}

~ Rachel Ray's take on Green Eggs and Ham is great, and it's green food coloring free!
~ If you're looking to go a little more traditional for your St. Patty's Day brunch try this recipe for Corned Beef hash and fried eggs
~ I'm a big fan of using beer in cooking, these beer batter waffles look amazing and they're a snap to make.
~ I saw these drunken cupcakes and thought this was an ingenious idea.  Top it off with Bailey's Irish Cream frosting, delish!
~ Shamrock Cookies:  I love sugar cookies, easy to make and so fun to eat.

~ Irish Car Bombs: Half a glass of Guinness, and a shot of Bailey's (you could substitute Bailey's with Whiskey). Drop the Bailey's in and drink up!
~ Green  Midori Mimosas: 1 oz Midori® melon liqueur, 1/3 oz sweet and sour mix,  4 oz Champagne
~ Green Beer:  Use a light colored beer as it will absorb the coloring easier, Blue food coloring works best (blue mixed with the yellowness of the beer will produce a truer green color)

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