{Flirty Cupcakes}

On our last trip to NYC we stopped at a food cart after the bars and had some yummy chicken and rice.  Sadly here in Chicago we don't have any food carts, but we do have a cupcake van.  Flirty Cupcakes ~  Similar to an ice-cream truck, our cute, cupcake van will cruise around Chicago meeting the sugar rush needs of those who delight in eating fresh baked cupcakes - curbside!  Ok I'm already drooling, what a fantastic idea! A cupcake will run your $3.25 and $35 gets you a dozen.  Their 7 delectable flavors:  Devil In Disguise (red velvet), No Plain Jane (vanilla), PB&C (peanut butter & chocolate),  Curious George (banana chocolate), McDreamy (chocolate), CBFF (chocolate with Nutella ganache), and Coconut Nuts (vanilla coconut).  I have it on good authority that the Curious George is a party in your mouth. 

 So the next time you see a van with cupcakes on the back, see above, wave 'em down and let us know what flavor you had!

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