Ready for Take Off birthday

I saw this fun birthday via Swanky Tables and had to share.  I love the idea of an air plane themed party.  Visit Melangerie on Etsy to purchase the printable template for just $10!!! (You get all of this: Invitations,  Runway Table Runner, Place mats, Juice Box Wraps, Water Bottle Wraps, Napkin Rings, Party Hats, Favor Labels, 3 Full-Page Patterned Sheets, “Ready for Takeoff” Pennant Banner).  PS she has some amazing things in her Etsy store!

I love the idea of using a boarding pass as the invite!

Other fun ideas:
Pilot: birthday boy/girl
Air steward/stewardess:  Parents/hosts
Place Cards: paper planes
In flight entertainment: Movies!
In flight meals served on a rolling cart

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