Sex and the City inspired shower

My fantastic friend Anjlee stopped by to share the shower she threw one of her friends, appropriately it's a Sex and the City themed shower! Enjoy!

Do you and your friends remind you of Carrie, Charolette, Samantha, and Miranda? With the big movie debut of Sex in the City 2 today, get your girlfriends together, throw on a fabulous dress and pair of shoes, and celebrate the night away.

A couple of years ago, I threw a Sex in the City themed bridal shower, but you can use the same ideas for a fabulous girls night in.

I wanted to decorate specific parts of the room in the venue, themed towards the characters.
  • The venue itself was very modern and chic, much like Samantha’s style.
  • I collected fabulous dresses and shoes from my closet and hung them up, similar to Carries closet.
  • The pink and black just reminded me of Charolette, very girly.
  • And lastly, the TV with SATC show is very much like Miranda.

{photo credit: Pals City Developers}

I wanted to keep this very Upper East Side with light nibblers: cheese & crackers, vinaigrette pasta, croissants with cheese and nutella, fruit plate, etc.  If you want something more filling, you can always order in Chinese (just like Miranda).

Cupcakes (with pink frosting, coconut)
Chocolate Truffles

Have fun with this. Create signature drinks for each one of you girls and name it based on the characters (ex: The Carrie, The Miranda, The Samantha, The Charolette)- all in fabulous martini glasses.  
  • Cosmoplotian
  • Champagne
  • Long Island Iced-Tea
  • Flirtini (Vodka, Champagne, Pineapple Juice)
  • For more signature drink ideas, check out USWeekly's SATC2 cocktails

Favors: (Inspiration from the Post-It breakup between Carrie and Burger)
Pink & Black Love Notes (Post Its)

None other than GIRL TALK.


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