Silver Moon

I love sweet treats, so it comes as no surprise that I love ice-cream.  But ice-cream that's flavored with liqueur, yum and so grown up!  Silver Moon serves up ice-cream and sorbets that are liqueur infused.  Try flavors like Praline Irish Cream, Coffee with Brownie Bits, Creme de Mint Chip, Mango Mimosa, and Strawberry Daiquiri.  Place an order via Ice-Cream Source, and you'll be enjoying this delectable treat in just 24 hours! A pint runs $8 and 4 pints (try multiple flavors) is just $30.  I love this as a hostess gift, or even as a thank you for your bridal party :)


  1. Silver Moon's ice creams and sorbets are amazing. Perfect indulgence for grownups! My favorites are Mojito Ice & Orange Creamsicle - yum indeed.

  2. Ohh that sounds like a party in my mouth! Think I'm going to order some for the husband's birthday celebration!