A new take on seating

I am loving the new and creative seating charts that are being featured in weddings recently.  Check out these fun and inspirational ideas!

{Photo credit: Wedding Bee}

I especially love this idea.  Guests would find their name in the bottom of each one of the squares and on the back was their table number.  The overall effect is stunning.

{photo credit: January Bride}

Classic & Elegant

{photo credit: Simply Chic Events}

Fun with magnets!  This creative couple attached names to numbered magnets.

{photo credit: Groom Sold Separately}

Ribbon Displays:  I love these and they're easy to create.  Grab an old frame or cork board, some ribbon, twine, or fishing line and get crafty!

{photo credit: Style Notes}

I love this: re-purposing tea bags!  They even added a gold leaf stamp and navy ribbon.
{photo credit: Kelly OShire Events}

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