End of Summer... White Party

I can't believe it's September 1st, what!! Although I love fall in Chicago (fun coats, boots, and the changing colors) in 3 months I'll be sorely missing summer.  What better way to send summer out, than a white party.  Some inspiration  for your white party soirée, enjoy!

{Photo credit: Gossip Girl, Barn, Dessert table, elephant, Orchids, Balloons, Lounge, Appetizer spread, Lantern, pillows & blankets, drink, dessert bar}

Attire- obviously all white:)   Food- keep it simple with appetizers and desserts, no one wants to get steak sauce all over their white dress.   Venue- I love the lounge look it's very Miami and modern, but there's something so charming about this converted barn- it looks so warm, inviting, almost sexy.  Drinks- you could go the white themed cocktails route, or have the usual spread of wine and beer.  Deco- have fun with this, I love the use of balloons!  Or go glam with all white accessories, candles, and exotic centerpieces- checkout the amazing orchid display.  Cozy things up with some blankets and pillows.  Love, love, love using an old trunk to store them.  

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