DIY Bride-to-Be

You've just gotten engaged, what's the first thing you do (besides tell your friends and family)?  Head to your local Barnes & Nobel to stock up on some bridal and wedding magazines.  I loved flipping through glossies when I was engaged, and with that in mind, we created a little DIY project for some newly engaged friends, Enjoy!

You'll Need: a couple Bridal/Wedding glossies of your choice, Diamond stamp, Embossing Powder, Embossing Stamp Pad, Embossing Heat Gun, Paperclips, Hot Glue Gun, Scrap booking paper of your choice, and an X-Acto knife.
Using the Diamond stamp, Embossing stamp pad, powder, and heat gun to create the paperclip toppers/bling.  Attach the diamonds to paperclips using a glue gun.  Create slits in the scrap booking paper of your choice and slide the paperclips into the slits.  Adorn paperclip holders with the embellishments of your choice. 
 Throw in some ring pops and you've got a fabulous 'Congrats on the Bling' packages for you engaged lovelies. 

Other ideas to incorporate:
~ Bride undies
~ Nail polish with a wedding-themed name
~ Ring Dish
~ Champagne
~ DVDs of The Wedding Planner, or Bridesmaids

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