CarnEvil: Coming to a town near you

There was so much creativity that went into this Haunted Sideshow Halloween party, I don't even know where to start. Inspired by a Haunted Victorian Side Show/Circus these party throwers went all out from decorating the outside of their home, to welcoming guests to a ghoulish display of food and beverages.  The hosts donned on 'the bearded lady' and 'the strong man' costumes and greeted their guests with cotton candy.  Their home was decorated with crows, cobwebs, lopsided portraits, crushed red velvet, and ventriloquist dolls all reminiscent of a sideshow act at a carnival.  And let's just take a second to talk about the food spread.  A freakishly beautiful and theme appropriate spread that was executed perfectly.  And the melon head with bacon and fake teeth, a little scary but ingenious!  And I am in love with their invites: Specimen jars with twins floating inside!  With a card that read: ‘Come one, come all, for only one night.  You’ll marvel and gasp at our shocking sights.  Oddities of nature, all on display.  Come see for yourself on Halloween day.’.  Enjoy!

{photos via Hostess Blog}

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