A Candy Land Gingerbread House Party

Obsessed with this fun and festive gingerbread house decorating party.  When we decorate gingerbread houses it's usually a hot mess of frosting and sugar everywhere.  I would love a gingerbread decorating party as beautiful and clean as this.  And I love the idea of treats to snack on while you're waiting for your house to dry.
{photos via Celebrations at Home}
From the host: {For the decorating table} We had all the gingerbread house parts on a platter for each person, with candies and everything you need to decorate your gingerbread houses (our printable can even be used on your gingerbread house… alot of the kids used their straw with their name flag attached to it). Second we had a little dessert table with treats and sweets for them to nibble on after.”

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