Wedding Recap

This past Memorial Day weekend we were in Omaha, celebrating the wedding of our bestie, a wedding 10 years in the making.   They combined both a Sikh and Hindu ceremony in traditional 3-day Indian wedding style.  The first night was her henna party, where the bride was decked out in henna on her hands and feet.  The second night was the Sangeet night, where there was singing and plenty of dancing.  This was followed by the traditional chuda ceremony, where her family adorns her wrists with bangles.  And Sunday was the beautiful wedding ceremony followed by their reception, where we danced till dawn.  As promised a visual recap of their beautiful wedding...
{henna night}
{the bride and groom}

{Sangeet Night}

{bride & groom on their big day}
{the entire bridal party, all 32 of us}

{with the bestie}
{cute couple}

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