Wedding Trends: The Rings

Today's wedding trend is a little homage to engagement season.  It's never too early to start thinking of fun ways to capture your gorgeous bauble on your wedding day.  Everyone loves a great shot of their wedding rings.  Here are some of our favorite ideas.

{Nestled in between scrabble tiles, via Louisville Wedding Blog}
{Rings in the bride's shoes, via Style Me Pretty}
{Sitting on top of coffee beans, via My Wedding}

{Resting on piano keys, via Fairmont Photography}

{Sitting on top of a cork, via Lovella Bridal}
{Around a set of vintage keys, via Dust Jacket Attic}
{On the day's newspaper featuring the wedding date, via Allegro Photography}
{Sitting on the wedding invitation, via Bridal Guide}
{On fruit, via Bespoke Bride}
{On succulents, via Marta Locklear photos}

{Hung by clothespins, via Kokoro Photography}

{in a bird's nest, via Linda Lewis Photography}

{in the bride's bouquet, via Steve Holms Photography}

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  1. Thank you for sharing this very interesting post. Indeed, couples really love to take good pictures of their engagement and wedding rings. I do think that the first picture with the scrabble tiles and the rings in a bird’s nest are very lovely. Again, thank you for sharing.