Refreshing Summer Drink

Meet the Caipirinha...  {Caipirinha (Portuguese pronunciation: [kajpiˈɾĩɲɐ]) is Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça (pronounced [kaˈʃasɐ]), sugar and lime[1]. Specifically with cachaça, the alcohol results from the fermentation of sugarcane juice that is afterwards distilled.}

Recipe via Drink of the Week:
2 oz. Cachaca
1 Lime
1 tsp. Sugar
Use a rocks or old-fashioned glass. Cut the lime into 8 wedges and put in the glass. Add sugar. Muddle the lime and sugar together until they are well mixed. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add Cachaca. Stir.

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  1. Where can you find this in Chicago? Nacional 27 and Zapatista are great places to start.